Children entering school bu

The first Wednesday of November each year is the “World Day of Prayer” for Child Evangelism Fellowship. Will you join with us during the day tomorrow to stop and pray for the children.  Over 240,000 boys and girls in Idaho will not enter a church this year, how will they hear about God, who will tell them.  Pray for the children of your neighborhood, your community, your county and our country.  We currently have less than 30 Good News Clubs meeting this year (so far) that is less than 10% of the schools in Idaho.  As you see the school buses  during the day will you remember to pray for the children and the school they attend.  Pray that the Lord will raise up churches to adopt Elementry  schools and sponsor a Good News Club for that school. Pray for workers to teach those clubs and pray for CEF staff to train those teachers.  We currently have three staff for CEF in Idaho.  More help is needed, a local director for Eastern Idaho, more full and part time staff for all the chapters.  Our goal is to have an After School – Good News Club in every Elementry school in the State, that would be over 400 clubs.  How can we reach the children? With your help by praying, giving and going.  Can we all start by Praying.

Colossians reminds us to “Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving”  Col. 4:2

We will be sharing more on the 7th.