Good News Club

2023-24 Cycle Material

Equipping Good News Club Volunteers

Do you know folks who love children and want to reach them for the Lord? There is an easy way to get them involved in the ministry. “Good News Club Quick Start Training is being offered to those who want to start volunteering in a Good News Club.

Then for all volunteers starting in September a “Curriculum Workshop” is held four times during the school year at the start of each series of GNC lessons. Yes the Curriculum Workshop is for everyone involved in the Good News Club, team leaders pass the information along.

For those new to working in Good News Club we have “GNC Quick Start training”. This is a Six hour in person course covering seven topics. This course covers the basics of teaching a Good News Club. We have a plan to make it “Quicker”. This Fall we are making available the “GNC Quick Start training” online. If new club volunteers will watch four of the seven topics online, (less than 3 hours) we will incorporate the other 3 sessions in the Curriculum Workshop.

For All New Workers in GNC we have Quick Start Training

Step One

To start the training! Register on the CMI site, all you need is your email address and a password (of your own Choice). Click Here to go to the CMI site. Then sign up at the top of the page to register.

Step Two

Once you have an account search for “Good News Club Quick Start Training” and watch the four classes. Why Evangelize Children? (24 min.), Guiding Children to the Savior (three videos one hour and 5 minutes total), Managed Fun (30 min.) and Teaching Verse and Songs (40 min.)

send an email to Bob at the state office if you have any questions.

Curriculum Workshops

First Series for this Fall

September 2023

If you have this set of lessons with a 2019 copywrite, or newer, you have all the material you need.

Click on the link below to view the material needed. You can also use the form to pre-order if you do not have all that you need.

To Order Material for First Series

Four Year Teaching Cycle Click on the Link below to view the PDF file

PDF Copy of Teaching Cycle

Cost of teaching material for this year

Lessons and Songs for 2022-23

PDF file — coming soon

Series This Year - coming soon


Are you helping in a GNC this Fall

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Lesson and Song Demonstrations are available at CMI online.

If you are not already registered on the CMI site, all you need is your email address and a password (of your own Choice)

Along with the Free song and lesson demonstrations other courses are available.

Quick Start Training sessions are available. After you have registered at CMI online.

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