The Treasure Valley has a new Prayer Coordinator, Linda Larkin. Linda is not only praying for the children in the Treasure Valley but encouraging others to pray as well.  At the Monthly prayer breakfast for the Treasure Valley, hosted by Rich Wise, Local Director and His wife Joy, Linda brought her prayer maps and strategy.  With all the elementary schools and 5-Day Clubs marked on her maps she is looking for folks to prayer walk their neighborhood school, praying for the children in the school, a local church to adopt the school and an After School – Good News Club.  If you are interested in praying for your neighborhood Elementry School in the Treasure Valley email Linda to let her know at (Strategic Prayer Walking Treasure Valley). If you are out side the Treasure Valley contact Linda or the State Office for information on how you can promote prayer walking for the school(s) in your town.  This morning two new neighborhoods in the Treasure Valley were committed to prayer.  This Strategy was just presented to the Treasure Valley Committee last Sunday at their monthly committee meeting. After breakfast and Linda’s presentation we spent time in prayer for the children and ministry of CEF.