Parktacular in Twin Falls (before the people came)

This last week we spent Sunday at a “Parktacular” in Twin Falls a local Christian radio station put on the event from 1 to 6 PM on Sunday.  Susette and I manned the booth for the afternoon, we were able to visit with over 40 children and their parents.  We had a bean bag game that just happened to have the wordless book colors.  We would ask the kids what school they went to, share the wordless book story and about Good News Club.  Clubs have been meeting in Jerome, Buhl, Filer, Kimberly, Hansen and one in Twin Falls. Many of the children came from towns out side the local area, one family from Wendell was hoping we could get a Good News Club going there again.

On Wednesday Susan Ganstorm brought two CYIA’ers from Pocatello over to Jerome to teach a “One day 5-Day Club” at the park.  Rich brought seven CYIA’ers from the Treasure Valley over to help them.  The young people had some fun and taught the club.  About 50 children attended the club.  Mark and Shela in Jerome promoted the club which meet right after a summer feeding program.

Susette and I attended the Club in Jerome and then spent the night in Twin Falls to do some calling.  We visited a church Wednesday evening with Carol, who is promoting clubs in Twin, Kimberly and Hansen.  The church we visited is adopting a local school for an after school – Good News Club. Still in need of a school teacher to sponsor it. On Thursday I stopped by several schools and the church in Buhl that has adopted the schools in Buhl and Filer.  The pastor is excited to get the clubs going and as we talked about dates for the training he mentioned a pastor in Gooding was interested in starting a Good News Club there and he would invite him to the curriculum workshop.

More 5-Day Clubs meet across the state this summer than last year, I’m waiting for all the numbers to come in for the final total. Rich is leading the ministry in the Treasure Valley and we offer a support roll to help with training.  The Treasure Valley committee decided to have a booth at Kuna Days this year.  We helped equip the workers with training for face painting while sharing the gospel.  A total of about Twenty folks attended the two training sessions and helped at the Good News Tent during the two day event.